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In today’s world all that matters for a webpage is traffic. And when we talk about traffic, the bigger the chunk of organic traffic, more beneficial it is for the business in the long run.

Now the question is how to generate organic traffic. The answer is quite simple i-e SEO. We have to find the right keywords for our business and then have to optimize it with our webpage. This is the best way to be found by our potential users.


Backlinks and Domain Authority

  • Before doing SEO what we need to do is to develop a basic framework for it to support SEO.
  • Firstly we have to develop backlinks for our website, which is done by doing guest posts, generating our links on different web posts and pages.
  • Then we have to make our domain authority more strong.
  • We have to follow Google’s algorithm to rank our page higher than the others.


Keywords & Web Audit

  • One of the very basic thing that is needed doing SEO is to thoroughly inspect the layout and content of the webpage.
  • Our content should carry keywords that are useful for our business and will help to grow our organic traffic.
  • After this we need to identify that which keywords are useful for us and will help to lead sales for. We can do competitor analysis for this as it will be helpful.
  • After finding the right keywords we can optimize our web page for the best search engine results.


Strategy and Refinement

  • After the completion of optimization we need to build a strategy which will help us to follow the long term plans.
  • SEO is a long term objective which will start showing its results over a period of at least three months. So we have to be patient while executing our plan.
  • The best thing about SEO is that it shows results that are constant and will not fall drastically even if you stop doing SEO.

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SEO Services Lahore Pakistan

On Page SEO

At REX, we provide our clients with top notch quality of on-page SEO. This includes auditing the web content, web layout and web design. We ensure that each and every step is aligned with the SEO standards and that our efforts will generate the right amount of traffic.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is equally important as on-page SEO. We at REX ensure that apart from delivering on-page SEO, we also help our clients to build off-page SEO by generating quality content and sharing them on various platforms to generate backlinks.

Keyword Research

Our professionals use best ways to filter out the words used by people to search the specific products or services you offer, this help in optimizing search engine standing by giving right direction and also add a considerable raise in the flow of traffic towards your page.

Competitors Analysis

We keep you well aware of not only all the trends, but also emerging and present competitors that can affect your business’ online presence, having complete insights and making defensive strategies with Rex will never let you get down no matter what is the number of sharks in parallel universe.