Rex Technologies

C.E.O's Message

“Years ago, I dedicated my career to Rex instead of looking for other options, I risked not only my time but my future too but the only vision was to take Rex the heights, where we can revolutionize the tech industry. My journey with Rex started in 2016.
We stepped in industry to provide finest IT Services. Rex inculcated with the most responsible team who is always ready to accept challenges as an opportunity to grow. From facing every kind of challenges and yet succeeding we have been successfully serving you for years and our aim is to hit every possible path which leads us to the road of innovations, challenges and endless success. By keeping our promise towards betterment, we provide remarkable web development services, graphic designing services, highly engaging mobile apps, accurate SEO services and fastest digital services which can give you best insights and always keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.
Rex Technologies seek to open new doors by leveraging the latest technologies and by demonstrating flexibility to all new emerging opportunities in order to provide innovative services that will meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers. With advancement in technology there is an absolute need of online platforms and understanding this dire need we decided to serve you with highly efficient services.”

Managing Director Message

I co-founded Rex out of my passion and dedication to prove something. We started with the aim to bring bespoke and business intelligence solutions that transform the IT industry. It is a rollercoaster ride where we learn, unlearn, grow and develop new skills each day. Every challenge we face is an opportunity for us to come up with better solutions and add value.


Our clients choose us because at Rex we value them most and provide them with ease to ask for their own kind of services. We are proactive in our services and keep tracking so that we update our clients with current trends. Our staff is diverse and talented in all aspects of technology, well aware of tools and smart tactics to entertain you with innovative work.

Regardless of the work-load, complex projects and challenging task, we strive to provide our clients with updated technology and expert services which are promised to be delivered on time, following all quality criteria’s and cost-effective models.

What REX Believes In?

We are little extra, when it comes to our skills, working methodology and discussing Rex Expertise.




We “HIT” the challenges; our diversified portfolio explains this best. Always welcoming opinions and taking everything positive so that we can serve you with not only best services but also with best moral values.

We Do What Others Can't